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CDS syllabus in Hindi free download


While there is no set syllabus for CDS examinations, looking at the past papers, we know that the entire paper is divided into three parts: English, Mathematics and General Knowledge. While you might want to search for the syllabus for CDS in Hindi, it would be important for you to get proper grasp of english as the final question paper and an entire section of 120 questions would be for gauging your command over english.

 CDS syllabus in Hindi

Still, for those of you who are more comfortable in Hindi, you might get information from official website of CDS 2017. This would be general information as there is no set syllabus for CDS 2017.

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You might want to read up newspapers, grammar books and school mathematics and history books to gain knowledge for your upcoming CDS 2017 examinations. If you are looking for free online tools you can search for free english learning language tools as well as look at encyclopedias and wikipedia to enhance your knowledge.


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