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CDS 2017 maths syllabus


CDS 2017 will have 3 subjects as the per the standard examination pattern. Subjects will include General Knowledge, English and Elementary Mathematics.

CDS 2017 maths syllabus

Elementary Mathematics (maths) will consist of several chapters like arithmetic, basic operations, trigonometry, geometry, mensuration, unitary method, elementary number theory, algebra, statistics, etc. The syllabus to put across in a more expanded form will have the following, Natural numbers, integers, real and rational numbers.

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Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots, compound interest, profit and loss, ratio and proportion, variation Division algorithm, prime and composite numbers, tests of divisibility, multiples and factors. Remainder Theorem, H.C.F, L.C.M, analytical and graphical solutions

Questions on heights and distances, trigonometric identities, lines and angles, planes and plane figures, Theorems on various topics, triangles. Areas and volumes of various figures including cones, spheres, cylinders, squares, etc. To get the complete maths syllabus click on the link provided below

Click here for CDS 2017 Maths syllabus PDF


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