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Best CDS coaching centre/ Institute in Indore


If you are looking for the Best CDS Coaching Center in Indore, you could search for NIKS Training Academy.

 Best CDS coaching centers in Indore

This academy is an CDS and SSD training institute, the institute focuses not only on the educational but also on developing the personality of the candidates. The academy places a firm belief in youth empowerment.

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NIKS Academy is one of the best CDS coaching centers in Indore,with a huge campus filled with outdoor obstacle course, that facilitates the leaderless group tasks, obstacle races, and command tasks. These has been done so that the candidates can have a practical and realistic view of the training as these obstacles are created exactly as the candidates would find during their SSBs.

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As this is one of the best CDS coaching Institutes in Indore, the trainers are all ex- army officials who had once been accessors for SSBs.


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