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Best CDS coaching centre/ Institute in Gurgaon


For the best coaching center around Gurgaon, to aid in preparation of the CDS examinations, one could visit Disha Academy.

Disha academy mainly focuses on preparing students for various Army Examinations like CDS, IMA, NDA etc. If you see the number of students who are selected for Gurgaon, chances are that most of them will be from this coaching institute.

Best CDS coaching centers in Gurgaon

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Disha Institute is a CDS Coaching institute in Gurgaon that specializes in coaching candidates in all aspects of entrance from written to interviews. The coaching institute in Gurgaon has well equipped campus to prepare the students to succeed.

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The coaching institute uses various audio visual techniques to handle the teaching and thus are able to coach the students in a much better way.  In case the candidates are weak in a specific subject, the coaching instructors do not mind in giving extra lectures so that the student understands the concept well.


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