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CDS 2017 syllabus for Mechanical engineering and English


The aspirants from Mechanical engineering background who wish to appear for the CDS examinations have to sit for all the three sections of CDS 2017 examination, just like every other students.

CDS 2017 syllabus for Mechanical

Depending upon the choice of your institute and the eligibility of your age, education and gender, you would get an admit card to sit for CDS 2017.The first section of CDS 2017 is English. There is no set syllabus for the english section, but it would be safe to say that the reason for including this section is to see the control you have over the finer aspects of the language.

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In order to prepare for the english section, invest in some grammar books and magazines like the wren and martin, look for online questions that would help you get an idea as to which areas you need to focus on. Download previous questions and answer keys. If you have time, pick up a book, any book and read. The more you read, the better will be your command over the language.

Click here to download CDS 2017 Syllabus [PDF]


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