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CDS 2017 preparation books, best reference books free


CDS 2017 paper will be bifurcated into three sections: Verbal Ability, General Knowledge and Elementary Mathematics.

CDS 2017 Verbal Ability Books:

The questions for this section would contain questions from english grammar, sentence construction and comprehension to gauge your command over the language.The candidate can refer to grammar books that are available in the market and refer to dictionaries and conduct free vocabulary exercises online.

CDS 2017 General Knowledge Books:

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It is important to score well in this section for CDS 2017. You could refer to history books as well as general knowledge books like Manorama to prepare for this section.You could also read up on the newspapers, google, wikipedia, etc for updating your knowledge on current issues and the current happenings around the world.

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CDS 2017 Mathematics Books:

Even though it is complicated, this is the most scoring section for CDS 2017.  The candidates should ideally brush up all the mathematical concepts that are taught up until eighth standard.


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